Zapantis Wins a Flip to Oust Zuczkowski

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 167/1,444

Karl-Heinz Metz opened for 20,000 from middle position before Ronald Zapantis three-bet to 75,000 from the hijack. Xavier Zuczkowski four-bet shoved for 113,000. Metz folded and Zapantis called with Zuczkowski at risk.

Xavier Zuczkowski: AK
Ronald Zapantis: 99

The 58438 runout ran dry for Zuczkowski and he along with Yoan Dody, Giuseppe Marone, and James Clarke in different hands found themselves with chips nor a chair near the money bubble.

Ronald Zapantis – 1.3 million
Xavier Zuczkowski – 0

Ronald Zapantis checking his cards

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