Walkey Rivers a Flush

Level 3: 200/300 (300)
Entries: 178/182

Bogdan Vlasenko bet 3,700 into a pot of around 10,000 with the 8345 on the board after the turn. Walkey min-clicked it back to 7,400. Vlasenko tanked for about 30 seconds before he called.

The 10 river completed the board. Vlasenko checked before Walkey fired out for 16,100. Vlasenko went back into the tank before calling a couple of minutes later.

Walkey turned over the Q8 for a flopped top pair and a rivered flush. Vlasenko mucked his hand and the dealer awarded Walkey the pot.

Ashley Walkey – 90,000
Bogdan Vlasenko – 25,000

Ashley Walkey collecting the pot

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