Vilde Ekren Wins Epic Ladies First!

Vilde Ekren

The €200 Ladies First! hosted by Kerryjane Craigie was a huge success with 84 runners creating a €14,515 prize pool. The top five players made a deal including Vanessa Webley, who had back-to-back fifth places finishes in the Ladies First!

Vilde Ekren won the title and the largest prize of €2,866 after defeating Irina Barauske heads-up. Meanwhile, Teresa Newton and Chiara Knowle also made out well thanks to the deal with Anne Bezdek, Anca Eggenberger, Kelly Saxby, and Tanya Masters all advancing to the final table and Lydia Cugudda and Julija Drevina both min-cashing.

1Vilde Ekren€2,866
2Irina Barauske€2,415
3Teresa Newton€2,099
4Chiara Knowle€2,074
5Vanessa Webley€1,966
6Anne Bezdek€740
7Anca Eggenberger€620
8Kelly Saxby€510
9Tanya Masters€424
10Lydia Cugudda€400
11Julija Drevina€400

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