Top Mystery Bounty Still in the Box

The €230 Mystery Bounty by the Bounty Hunter Days attracted 620 entries during yesterday’s Day 1. The action has progressed down to a final table of nine hopefuls competing for the €8,270 top prize.

This is not all they are competing for. In fact, they are competing for something even bigger as the top €10,000 Mystery Bounty is still in the box ready to be chosen.

Excitement is generated every time a player has been choosing an envelope but it will be one of the final tablists in Robert Sampat, Skipp van den Assem, Erik Hamre, Marcin Puczylowski, Christian Kempf, Stavros Markovis-Tsakas, Federico Bildeeo, Theodoros Konstantinids, and Adam Diamond who will be the lucky player to go home with a five-figure mystery bounty prize on top of whatever they win in the prize pool and other bounties.

Best of luck to the final nine!

Who will snag the top mystery bounty prize?

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