Set of Fours for Albrigtsen

Level 8: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 220/408

Ronny Albrigtsen was one of the four “chip millionaires” going into today after bagging a massive stack on Day 1b. His wife, Evy Albrigtsen is trying to do the same and is off to a hot start.

Albrigtsen bet 12,000 into a pot of a bit more with the Q3J4 on the board. Sanders jammed for about a starting stack and Albrigtsen called.

Maximilian Sanders: QJ
Evy Albrigtsen: 44

Sanders wasn’t thrilled that he was up against a set with a strong top two pair and will need to re-enter for a chance at Day 2 after the 9 river completed the board.

“Jason is right, I am the better player,” Albrigtsen said to Sanders.

“Maybe,” said Sanders.

To be clear, this author never stated this about Sanders, who he considers to be one of the stronger players in the field. He was referring to Evy’s husband Ronny who has been on a roll not only in Malta but also recently in Tallinn as well where he won two trophies. While this isn’t a knock on Ronny as his results speak for themselves, this author feels Evy is due for a trophy of her own as she works hard at her game and we have seen some major strides since when she first began on the tour, especially in PLO tournaments. Time will tell which of the friend poker couple will perform the best in the Grand Event.

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