Sebastian Mortensen Eliminated in 2nd Place (€63,500)

Level 36: 400,000/800,000 (800,000)
Entries 1/1,460

Sebastian Mortensen was down to 6.9 million when he jammed the button. Jordan Dumas snap-called after looking down at his cards and the entire rail got close to the table.

Sebastian Mortensen: 109
Jordan Dumas: JJ

Dumas was far ahead on the K38 flop but Mortensen had some hope with an open-ended straight draw after the 7 landed on the turn.

“I have six outs!” said Mortensen.

None of those outs came and instead Mortensen had to settle one spot shy of the trophy with a runner-up prize of €63,500.

“Vamos!” Dumas shouted with his rail as he was crowned the latest champion along with his largest poker tournament haul of €100,900.

Stay tuned for the recap and full payouts from the 2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition €550 Grand Event.

Jordan Dumas – 73 million
Sebastian Mortensen – 0

Sebastian Mortensen

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