Pulejkov Delivers Huge Bad Beat to Talvard

Level 14: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)
Entries: 48/291

Damjan Pulejkov checked the AK610 board after the turn before Antoine Talvard fired out for 40,000 into a pot of around 100,000. Pulejkov jammed for about 150,000 and Talvard went briefly into the tank before he found a call.

Damjan Pulejkov: A3
Antoine Talvard: A10

Talvard was far ahead with his two pair and just needed to fade a spade or a king for a chop to win a huge pot while also eliminating Pulejkov.

“So sick,” Talvard said in a loud whisper after the J spiked the river to improve Pulejkov to a flush.

Damjan Pulejkov – 400,000
Antoine Talvard – 110,000

Damjan Pulejkov

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