Players Cashing for €950

Cory Desmond

The following players including Cory Desmond, Ian Gascoigne, and James Paris hit the rail for a small pay jump to €950. The remaining 175 players locked up €50 more and are guaranteed at least a four-figure prize of €1,000.

176Gary Morgan€950
177Martin Kirchbaumer€950
178Igor Bukowski€950
179George Warnock€950
180Eddy Shaw€950
181Simon Dunevein€950
182Yves Thalmann€950
183Lars Wandmaker€950
184Thomas Hardt€950
185Timothy Jones€950
186Jan Stigter€950
187Ian Gascoigne€950
188Hendrik Remmerde€950
189James Paris€950
190Cory Desmond€950
191Daniele Degennaro€950

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