Players Cashing for €1,310

The following players cashed for €1,310 in the Grand Event. The remaining 95 players in the field have each locked up at least a €1,430 payout slip.

96Sven Lorenz€1,310
97Jiany Lu€1,310
98Florian Guertler€1,310
99Massimo Bruno€1,310
100Ian Tabone€1,310
101Piotr Kuszczak€1,310
102Daniel Stacey€1,310
103Dario Marinelli€1,310
104Jorge Rebolleda€1,310
105Daniel Kuhlman€1,310
106Wai Man Kwan€1,310
107Aleksi Heikkinen€1,310
108Patrick Kochanski€1,310
109Stavros Andreadis€1,310
110James Clarke€1,310
111Bartilomiej Grabowski€1,310

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