Players Cashing for €1,000

The following players cashed for €1,000 in the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event. The remaining field now locked in at least a €1,060 payout.

162Domenico Gala€1,000
163Keith Smith€1,000
164Beverly Nicholson€1,000
165Leendert Nederlof€1,000
166Per Alstig€1,000
167Chuan Kim Ooi€1,000
168Tanguy Pellerin€1,000
169Claudio Barone€1,000
170Paul Carr€1,000
171Mark Cornwell€1,000
172Florin-Radu Postole€1,000
173Marco Herman€1,000
174Alessandro D’Amore€1,000
175Jack Triggs€1,000

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