Phillip Harrington Wins €200 Betsson One Bullet (€9,040)

Congrats to Phillip Harrington for winning the third trophy of the 2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition for €9,040 after defeating Dirk Gerth heads-up.

The event took nearly 11 hours from start to finish with Fabian Bartuschk, the popular Wilhelmine Connolly, Vikram Digpal, Rachid Cardenas, Maria Koutsouki, Michael Stewart, and Oliver Mihajlovski all cashing for four figures at the final table.

The event brought us back to old-school poker as it was a pure freezeout affair with 314 entries creating a €41,216 prize pool. Check out the payouts from the €200 Betsson One Bullet below:

1Phillip Harrington€9,040
2Dirk Gerth€6,100
3Fabian Bartuschk€4,296
4Wilhelmine Connolly€3,280
5Vikram Digpal€2,735
6Rachid Cardenas€2,240
7Maria Koutsouki€1,740
8Michael Lee Stewart€1,330
9Oliver Mihajlovski€1,015
10Tobias Bollmann€830
11Peter Reimann€830
12Amber Sullivan€730
13Scott Rogers€730
14Thomas Lange€630
15Michael Strauch€630
16John Sande€530
17Giacomo Kermanchahi€530
18Adrian Gehring€440
19Igor Bukowski€440
20Herbert Seitz€440
21Grant Alexander€440
22Nan Che€440
23Dan-Cristian Dorobantu€440
24Keith Smith€360
25Oyvind Stangnes€360
26Jakub Chmelensky€360
27Benjamin Rathjen€360
28Beverly Nicholson€360
29Giulio Spampinato€360
30Klaus Bauer€360
31Massimiliano Bottone€360
32Timothy Cox€310
33Jonathan Willis€310
34Martin von Zweigbergk€310
35Ugo Buttazzo€310
36Roberto Zuffo€310
37Emil Ulleberg€310
38Thor Soraa€310
39Sjoerd Nikkels€310

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