Petteri Miettinen Eliminated in 4th Place (€31,350)

Level 35: 300,000/600,000 (600,000)
Entries 3/1,460

Flotre Roar opened from under the gun for a min-raise. Petteri Miettinen three-bet shoved for 2.3 million from the small blind. Sebastian Mortensen called from the big blind and Roar called as well.

Miettinen and Roar checked the 5J8 flop before Miettinen jammed for 1.5 million on the 5 turn. Roar folded and the “good games” were coming out as Miettinen was drawing dead.

Petteri Miettinen: A10
Sebastian Mortensen: 88

Miettinen collected his cashier slip for €31,350 after the hand while the final three podium players, each guaranteed not only a trophy but also at least a €42,300 payout.

Sebastian Mortensen – 10 million
Petteri Miettinen – 0

Petteri Miettinen

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