Osthus Triples Short Stack With Cowboys

Level 4: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 203/214

Henricus Bouwmans and Giuseppe Palmisano both limped from late position before Nicholas Osthus three-bet jammed his tiny stack of 3,000. Both players called to see the J6Q flop.

Bouwmans checked. Palmisano bet 3,000 and the cards were turned over after Bouwmans folded.

Nicholas Osthus: KK
Henricus Bouwmans: J10

“Nice hand,” Bouwmans said to Osthus.

Osthus tripled his stack and perhaps has a Day 1d Cinderella story in the making after the 4 turn and 9 river completed the board.

Henricus Bouwmans – 120,000
Giuseppe Palmisano – 100,000
Nicholas Osthus – 10,000

Nicholas Osthus triples short stack with cowboys

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