Only Quads for Jessen

Level 15: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 43/279

The first hand in hand-for-hand mode took a bit of time to play out on Table 2. Domenico Gala was put to the test after betting 65,000 into a pot of a lot more with the 10QK210 on the board after the turn.

Jorgen Jessen jammed over the top for 187,000 and Gala tanked for more than five minutes before he folded.

A crowd emerged during this hand in anticipation of something big. While they didn’t get the all-in and call they were searching for they were still dazzled after Jessen opted to table his 1010 for quad tens.

Jorgen Jessen – 500,000
Domenico Gala – 150,000

Jorgen Jessen

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