No-Look Jam by Arjut

Level 26: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 28/1,444

There is the no-look jam in basketball. They produce tremendous highlight clips. Allan Arjut meanwhile, maybe didn’t invent the no-look jam in poker but he had fun doing it anyway.

Arjut jammed for 640,000 from the small blind without looking at his cards and was called by Paul-Vlad Craciunas from the big blind.

Allan Arjut: 104
Paul-Craciunas: KQ

Arjut had a sweat on the 53A flop and although he bricked the 7 turn he got there for a no-look double after pairing up on the 4 river. Meanwhile, Junyu Liu and Fabian Bartuschk both hit the rail to leave just 28 players remaining.

Paul Craciunas – 4.6 million
Allan Arjut – 1.4 million
Junyu Liu – 0
Fabian Bartuschk – 0

Allan Arjut with a no-look jam on Paul-Vlad Craciunas

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