Nilsen Runs Tens Into Eketrapp’s Rockets

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 105/260

Ingvill Nilsen jammed for 18,000 from under the gun. Arnasalon Chengalanee called from middle position before Stig Eketrapp there-bet jammed for 76,000. Chengalanee didn’t waste too much time before he called for a three-way showdown with both Norwegians Nilsen and Eketrapp at risk.

Ingvill Nilsen: 1010
Stig Eketrapp: AA
Arnasalon Chengalanee: AK

Eketrapp was ahead the entire way and even spiked the case ace on the river to double through Chengalee and oust Nilsen after the 7Q92A ran out on the board.

Stig Eketrapp – 173,000
Arnasalon Chengalanee – 20,000

Short-stacked Ingvall Nilsen runs tens into aces

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