“Nice Start” for Dumas

Level 36: 400,000/800,000 (800,000)
Entries 2/1,460

Jordan Dumas min-raised the button and was called by Sebastian Mortensen from the big blind. Mortensen check-called bets of 800,000 on the 9AA flop before calling a bigger bet of 3,500,000 on the 6 turn.

The 9 river completed the board and Mortensen checked again. Dumas fired out for 6 million and Mortensen quickly called.

Dumas turned over the AJ and won the hand with trips to take an early lead after Mortensen mucked his cards.

“Nice start,” Mortensen said to Dumas.

Jordan Dumas – 61 million
Sebastian Mortensen – 12 million

Jordan Dumas

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