CasinoCoin partners up with The Malta Poker Festival

Malta Poker Festival is always striving for innovation and creativity.  We want to surprise and amaze people. Creating the festival schedule is a very imaginative process – The CasinoCoin Cup 2022 is no exception.

Mrs. Montealegre our Event Director tells us the story “my first experience with crypto currency came through the CasinoCoin team, they were so patient walking me through.  I was trading and buying coin and I just couldn’t handle the verification and waiting process.  I located one of the team member’s that lives in Malta and he invited me over to his home and we sorted my situation.  Once I had an active wallet! Wow -love at first sight.  One of my favorite hobbies is playing live and online casino and poker.  When my cards block the transactions because of bank policies, it really annoys me.  I think CC will be a trailblazer in the crypto gambling space very soon.  The CasinoCoin team has a soft spot for poker, so you can imagine the synergies we had.  It’s a beautiful partnership taking place in the Portomaso Casino during Malta Poker Festival.  The tournament takes the spotlight as the High Roller event of the festival.

Matthew Cheetham COO of the crypto currency states “CasinoCoin is very excited to be teaming up with the Malta Poker Festival. This is our chance to bring crypto gambling to the live experience. See you at the tables in the CasinoCoin Cup!

DATESunday 30th of October, 2022. 

In addition to the standard prize pool generated, there will also be a chance for players to win even more.  CasinoCoin is giving away millions of CSC (their own cryptocurrency). The 9 players who make the final table will all be given a total of 20 million CSC (equivalent Euro value of approx. €6,000 at time of writing*).

The event will be covered live entirely by Pokerdeals, so this is also your chance to steal the show and make some poker headlines.

Added bounties and lots of rewards and action is to be expected. You can purchase CasinoCoin VIP Packages using your coin.  It’s a super value package at 5* Hilton hotel.

You can learn more about the event here: 

CasinoCoin Cup 2022 High Roller – The Malta Poker Festival

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