Mortensen Ousts Davey

Level 10: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 89/277

We went to check in again on our friend Daragh Davey as we didn’t have time to see how things were going for him during our last visit at the table. This time, we silently remained in the background while Kelly Kellner was telling some off-color jokes.

Daragh Davey fired out for 20,000 into a pot of around 75,000 with the 3J4Q2 on the board. Sebastian Mortensen tanked before he jammed over the top. Davey snap-called and turned over the AJ. Mortensen tabled the 44 to win the hand with a set and send Davey to the rail just before the dinner break.

Sebastian Mortensen – 300,000
Daragh Davey – 0

Daragh Davey

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