Meschede Delivers Bad Beat to Bubble Thoni

Level 15: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 62/413

There were several short stacked players doubling up on the pure money bubble while getting it in good. Johannes Thoni also got it in good. He jammed for 95,000 from early position and was called by Sven Meschede from one seat over. The hands at the other tables were being finished out before the cards were tabled.

Johannes Thoni: QQ
Sven Meschede: AQ

Thoni was ahead after the J82 flop. However, that all changed in front of a big crowd around the table after Meschede improved to a better pair on the A turn and was left with just a one outer on the river.

No miracle saved Thoni as the 5 river completed the board for Thoni to bubble Day 1d.

Stay tuned for the final chip counts of Day 1d.

Sven Meschede – 400,000
Johannes Thoni – 0

Johannes Thoni & Sven Meschede

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