Melluzzo Doubles Through Bessolles

Level 20: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)
Entries: 107/1,444

Andrea Melluzzo three-bet jammed for less than ten big blinds from the button and was called by Guillaume Bessolles who opened from the hijack.

Andrea Melluzzo: A9
Guillaume Bessolles: Q9

Melluzzo won the hand with two pair after the 39A102 ran out on the board to double his stack.

Colin Cooper, who was also at the table, appeared even happier than Melluzzo about the outcome and was audibly clapping very loudly after Melluzzo won the hand.

Guillaume Bessolles – 700,000
Andrea Melluzzo – 365,000

Andrea Melluzzo was calm, cool, and collected after doubling his stack

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