Meisser Bricks Flush Draw

Level 11: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 74/291

There was about 100,000 in the pot when John Forsman checked the KA4 flop. Marco Meisser fired out for 40,000. Lisa Roberts called before Forsman jammed more than enough to cover both his opponents. Meisser called for about 20 big blinds more and Roberts opted to fold.

Marco Meisser: 109
John Forsman: A5

Roberts was frustrated as soon as the cards were turned over and shared after the hand that she folded the best hand in A10. Meanwhile, it was Forsman who won the pot to eliminate Meisser after the 2 turn and 9 river completed the board.

John Forsman – 475,000
Lisa Roberts – 120,000
Marco Meisser – 0

Marco Meisser leaving the table

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