Mavin Worner Wins €230 Friday 2 Stack (€5,852)

The €230 Friday 2 Stack raised more than €1,000 for cancer research, a cause near and dear to the event’s host Rolf Arne Bechstrom.

The event attracted 101 entries to create a €19,392 prize pool with the top 13 players locking up at least a €380 min-cash.

While Bechstrom was unable to finish in the money, other MPF veterans found their way to the payout desk including Unibet’s Sebastian Rebhan (fourth – €1,640) and American Lisa Roberts (€1,020).

After more than 8 1/2 hours of play, Mavin Worner defeated Dominik Holzmuller heads-up to win the €5,852 top prize. Check out all of the payouts in the €230 Friday 2 Stack hosted by Rolf Arne Bechstrom below:

1Mavin Worner€5,852
2Dominik Holzmuller€3,650
3Giuseppe Lorenzano€2,345
4Sebastian Rebhan€1,640
5Maxime Delhommeau€1,230
6Lisa Roberts€1,020
7Bartilomiej Grabowski€825
8Vilde Ekren€640
9Flaviano Cammisuli€530
10Wang Tin€445
11Giacomo Kermanchahi€445
12Anton Schroeter€380
13Sebastian Gruszczynski€380

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