Matthiesen Wins Huge Pot Leading to Schuman’s Early Exit

Level 1: 100/300 (300)
Entries: 125/126

We had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Schuman last year and he is not only a fierce competitor at the poker tables but an all around nice guy. Sometimes, nice guys finish last and that was what happened to Schuman on Day 1c.

Schuman lost the majority of his stack after three-bet jamming his 53 on a 633 flop and was up against the A2 held by Manfred Quint and the better trips held by Bjarke Matthiesen with A3.

Matthiesen’s hand held to give him a monster stack and then Quint shortly later eliminated Schulman to chip back up after his ace-high flush beat Schuman’s king-high flush.

Bjarke Matthiesen – 145,000
Manfred Quint – 25,000
Jonathan Schuman – 0

Bjarke Matthiesen

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