Magnusson Ousts Tingyu and Rothlisberger

Level 11: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 72/279

We just reported how Hung Tingyu left Kevin Rothlisberger with just a single chip. Rothlisberger stuck around for a short time and had more than a chip but both his stack and Tingyu’s recently built-up stack headed over to Pontus Magnusson.

Tingyu min-raised from early position before Rothlisberger called off his stack for less. Magnusson called from the blinds and led out on the AQ5 flop. Tingyu jammed over the top for many blinds more and Magnusson found a call with two pair with queen-five. Tingyu had the top pair and the top kicker with big slick and both him and Rothlisberger with air were eliminated by Magnusson with bricks coming the rest of the way.

Meanwhile, many other players also hit the rail since the dinner break including Gary Speers, Marco Siciliano, Nigel Harrison, Alexander Maskell, Matthew Micallef, Paul Zehetleitner, Popolo Proietto, Frederik Mortensen, Patrick Hoxha, and Craig Smith.

Pontus Magnusson – 375,000
Hung Tingyu – 0
Kevin Rothlisberger – 0

Pontus Magnusson

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