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Day 1A

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Ekren Doubles With Ducks

Level 34: 250,000/500,000 (500,000)
Entries 6/1,460

Vilde Ekren jammed for 2,250,000 from the cutoff and was called by Krystian Nalepka from the big blind.

Vilde Ekren: 22
Krystian Nalepka: A9

Ekren nailed a set on the 628 flop and earned another double-up at the final table after the 5 turn and 10 river completed the board.

Krystian Nalepka – 13 million
Vilde Ekren – 5.3 million

Ludovic Uzan Eliminated in 7th Place (€16,010)

Level 34: 250,000/500,000 (500,000)
Entries: 6/1,460

Jordan Dumas min-raised from under the gun. The action folded around to Ludovic Uzan, who three-bet shoved for just a little more from the big blind. Dumas called and Uzan was flipping for his tournament life.

Ludovic Uzan: AJ
Jordan Dumas: 33

Uzan lost the flip to Dumas’s set of treys after the 1063Q8. He collected his seventh-place prize of €16,010 but not before he wished the table a good game and shook Dumas’s hand.

Jordan Dumoas – 30 million
Ludovic Uzan – 0

Ludovic Uzan

Mortensen Cracks Uzan’s Ladies

Level 34: 250,000/500,000 (500,000)
Entries: 7/1,460

Sebastian Mortensen jammed for 3,125,000 from under the gun before Ludovic Uzan three-bet shoved for more than 5 million from the cutoff. The cards were quickly tabled after the rest of the table folded.

Sebastian Mortensen: K10
Ludovic Uzan: QQ

“Noooooo!” Uzan heart-breakingly said after he was rivered on the 5748K runout.

Meanwhile, Mortensen survived and doubled instead of hitting the rail.

Sebastian Mortensen – 7.5 million
Ludovic Uzan – 2.5 million

Sebastian Mortensen

Chip Counts at Dinner Break

PlacePlayerChipsBig Blinds
1Jordan Dumas24,925,00050
2Krystian Nalepka16,175,00032
3Petteri Miettinen12,850,00026
4Ludovic Uzan6,000,00012
5Roar Flotre4,950,00010
6Sebastian Mortensen4,375,0009
7Vilde Ekren3,750,0008

Dinner Break

The final seven players are on a one-hour dinner break. We will update the chip counts shortly.

Blinds will increase to 250,000/500,000 with a 500,000 big blind ante when the action resumes.

Jake Allen Eliminated in 8th Place (€13,100)

Level 33: 200,000/400,000 (400,000)
Entries: 7/1,460

Petteri Miettinen min-raised from the cutoff. Jake Allen three-bet shoved for 5 million from the small blind and Miettinen snap-called.

Jake Allen: AQ
Petteri Miettinen: AK

In many ways this was a cooler but especially so with both players improving to trips on the 6A8A7 runout. Miettinen had the better kicker and although was a short stack to start the final table now has one of the bigger stacks.

Meanwhile, Allen will collect a healthy €13,100 for his efforts and the final seven players have locked up €16,010.