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Jordan Dumas Wins Record-Breaking 2024 MPF Spring Edition Grand Event (€100,900)

Jordan Dumas wins 2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition Grand Event

Records were broken, and friendships were made during a fantastic week of poker at the 2024 Malta Poker Festival (MPF) Spring Edition at its flagship home of Portomaso Casino. France’s Jordan Dumas was the star of the show by defeating Denmark’s Sebastian Mortensen in a short heads-up battle to win the three-day 2024 MPF Autumn Edition €550 Grand Event for €100,900.

It was pure domination for Dumas throughout the final table after running a sick bluff against Czech Republic’s Krystian Nalepka to the delight of his vibrant rail, who he celebrated with after taking claim to the title. Dumas was through the moon visibly celebrating with pure excitement and joy after taking down the title for his largest-ever poker score.

The 2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition set a new gold standard across many of its events. Most notably, the Grand Event not only more than doubled its €300,000 but the field attracted a whopping 1,460 entries for a record-breaking €700,800 prize pool. All of the 218 opening flight survivors earned at least a min-cash of €900 with the chance of much more.

2024 MPF Spring Edition Final Table Results

1Jordan DumasFrance€100,900
2Sebastian MortensenDenmark€63,300
3Flotre RoarNorway€42,300
4Petteri MiettinenFinland€31,350
5Vilde EkrenNorway€24,400
6Krystian NalepkaCzech Republic€19,400
7Ludovic UzanFrance€16,010
8Jake AllenUnited Kingdom€13,100
9Kevin RothlisbergerSwitzerland€10,400
2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition Final Table

Final Day Recap

The final day witnessed 24 hopefuls, each already locking up €3,900 with Krystian Nalepka starting with the chip lead and eventual champion Jordan Dumas in fourth place. United Kingdom’s Indre Stanaityte ran her Day 1a chip lead all the way to 10th place but ran out of gas to bubble the final table after her king-four suited proved to be no good against ace-nine suited.

Nalepka still had the lead to kick off the final table with Jordan Dumas just inches behind. Dumas was hot straight off the gate and snagged the chip lead and nearly never relinquished control.

Meanwhile, Switzerland’s Kevin Rothlisberger witnessed short-stacked players doubling up in crucial spots only to eventually hit the rail on a cooler which resulted in Nalepka briefly regaining the lead after his overpair to the flop with nines proved to be no good to the flopped set Napelka held with sevens.

Nearly instantly later, Jake Allen had a cooler of his own to exit in eighth place when his ace-queen suited ran into big slick held by Finland’s Petteri Miettinen. Dumas then regained the lead and never looked back in what proved to be the most dominated performance in Malta Poker Festival Grand Event history.

The players then headed onto a dinner break and fireworks erupted quickly after the action resumed in what could have led Sebastian Mortensen to finish in seventh place instead of runner-up. Instead a series of unfortunate events led to the demise of France’s Ludovic Uzan. Uzan lost a lion’s portion of his stack to king-ten held by Sebastian Mortensen before losing the rest to a flip against Dumas when his ace-jack didn’t improve against treys.

Nalepka’s once healthy stack began to take a beating. First, he lost a flip to Norway’s Vilde Ekren with ace-nine against ducks. Then Dumas showed a massive bluff after bricking an open-ended straight draw to give Nalepka’s stack a further beating while awarding Dumas with more than half the chips in play. Mortensen then doubled his short stack through Nalepka after his ace-four held against king-ten suited before eventually heading off to the cashier in sixth place when his jack-ten didn’t improve to beat Dumas’s ace-four.

Roar Flotre

Norway’s Roar Flotre had a little lady luck on his side not to go out next when his seven-four suited improved to a flush to defeated Dumas’s ace-jack suited. Shortly after, it was another Norwegian to hit the rail in Ekren.

Ekren, who remarkably already claimed a trophy earlier this festival when she shipped the €200 Ladies First! hosted by Kerryjane Craigie, doubled several times, always with the best of it. However, Dumas padded his chip lead while sending Ekren out in fifth place when his ace-trey held against king-queen.

Vilde Ekren wins Ladies First!

A deal was quickly brought to the table and Dumas appeared open to chat about numbers. However, it was casino streamer Sebastian “SEBM1337” Mortensen who said he wanted to gamble and to continue to play which put a succint end to any discussions.

Dumas took a short break as the table terminator and instead, it was Mortensen eliminating the short-stacked Miettinen when his set of eights was more than enough to defeat ace-ten.

Another break took place and it appeared shortly after there was some momentum going the other way with Dumas first doubling Flotre before also doubling Mortensen. However, Dumas reasserted his dominance and got Flotre to bluff-jam his stack into his wheel to head into heads-up action with a more than double the stack of Mortensen.

Sebastian Mortensen

It was a quick one-sided heads-up affair with Dumas quickly winning pot after pot to have Mortensen on the ropes. Eventually time ran out for Mortensen who jammed ten-nine into Dumas’s jacks. Mortensen had some hope after the turn with six outs to a straight but a brick came on the river to end his hopes and dreams as an amateur player to win the title. That being said, all of the top three were awarded trophies and Mortensen was thrilled about the result and the €63,300 consolation prize.

Congrats to Jordan Dumas on an epic victory in the 2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition Grand Event.

We hope to see you all on October 27 to November 4 for the 2024 Malta Poker Festival Autumn Edition!

2024 Malta Poker Festival Grand Event Full Payouts

1Jordan Dumas€100,900
2Sebastian Mortensen€63,300
3Flotre Roar€42,300
4Petteri Miettinen€31,350
5Vilde Ekren€24,400
6Krystian Nalepka€19,400
7Ludovic Uzan€16,010
8Jake Allen€13,100
9Kevin Rothlisberger€10,400
10Indre Stanaityte€8,400
11Marco Perez Padron€8,400
12Philipp Drayer€8,400
13Richard Koppel€6,900
14Elvijs Kuceruks€6,900
15John Forsman€6,900
16Ashley Harrison€5,750
17Colin Bidwll€5,750
18Stefan Trevelyan€5,750
19Maxime Delhommeau€4,750
20Sven Meschede€4,750
21Jorgen Jessen€4,750
22Terence Newton€4,750
23Matthew Vicarage€4,750
24Rosario Saddemi€3,900
25James Ablott€3,900
26Andrea Kapp€3,900
27Thomas Cazaletz€3,900
28Damjan Pulejkov€3,900
29Grant Campbell€3,900
30Dario Filippelli€3,900
31Antonio Merone€3,900
32Gianpiero Barrile€3,180
33Matte Karjalainen€3,180
34Francesco Canzonieri€3,180
35Jonathan Schuman€3,180
36Nial Mullally€3,180
37Rimko Meijer€3,180
38Fabian Biel€3,180
39Wilhelmine Connolly€3,180
40Eros Nastasi€2,680
41Mateusz Piwowarczyk€2,680
42Ronny Albrigtsen€2,680
43Martin Ehrler€2,680
44Bernardo Boria€2,680
45Boro Skalonja€2,680
46Longmao Fan€2,680
47Thomas Ebrecht€2,680
48Emanuele Napolitano€2,280
49Thomas Jakobsen€2,280
50Vikram Digpal€2,280
51Jari Hurri€2,280
52Jamie Scannell€2,280
53Alex Montgomery€2,280
54Thomas Hofmann€2,280
55Philip Hoerwarter€2,280
56Lennart Bernett€1,980
57Mark Attard€1,980
58Ashley Scott€1,980
59Kelly Kellner€1,980
60Mark Vella€1,980
61Patrick Von Rohr€1,980
62Thomas Lange€1,980
63Nidal Dawoud€1,980
64Kai Vater€1,760
65Robert Hanoch€1,760
66Marcello Favaloro€1,760
67Kathleen Padoani€1,760
68Evy Albrigtsen€1,760
69Andrea Dominici€1,760
70Matthew Cartwright€1,760
71Simon Taylor€1,760
72Fabio Berti€1,580
73Oliver Said€1,580
74Oliver Mihajlovski€1,580
75Matthew Church€1,580
76Jake Caldwell€1,580
77Roy Trickett€1,580
78Kevin Quinlan€1,580
79Baris Topuz€1,580
80Yannick Rohrbach€1,430
81Marcus Larsson€1,430
82Koen Volckaert€1,430
83Anca Eggenberger€1,430
84Guy Cox€1,430
85Joel Haapio€1,430
86Colin Cooper€1,430
87Jozsef Dobos€1,430
88Boban Stevanovic€1,430
89Alex O’Brien€1,430
90Angelo Vietti€1,430
91Ivan Furniet Martinez€1,430
92Garry Spinks€1,430
93Marco Meisser€1,430
94Aidan Quinlan€1,430
95John Stewart€1,430
96Sven Lorenz€1,310
97Jiany Lu€1,310
98Florian Guertler€1,310
99Massimo Bruno€1,310
100Ian Tabone€1,310
101Piotr Kuszczak€1,310
102Daniel Stacey€1,310
103Dario Marinelli€1,310
104Jorge Rebolleda€1,310
105Daniel Kuhlman€1,310
106Wai Man Kwan€1,310
107Aleksi Heikkinen€1,310
108Patrick Kochanski€1,310
109Stavros Andreadis€1,310
110James Clarke€1,310
111Bartilomiej Grabowski€1,310
112Nicole Todtmann€1,210
113Niel Adams€1,210
114Danas Dambrauskas€1,210
115Tomasz Kokoszka€1,210
116Andrea Agnoletto€1,210
117Joseph Grech€1,210
118Lee Moore€1,210
119Carmelo Polimeni€1,210
120Simon Davidson€1,210
121Daniel Henriques€1,210
122Frank Hofener€1,210
123Roderick Macneil€1,210
124Dara O’Kearney€1,210
125Jarrad Fayez€1,210
126Andrew Cutajar€1,210
127Peter Perceval€1,210
128Enes Hasic€1,130
129Jordi Ribatallada Ruiz€1,130
130Roberto Zuffo€1,130
131Johann Telser€1,130
132Steven Penney€1,130
133Danny Smith€1,130
134Marco Patane€1,130
135Michele Adamo€1,130
136Junyu Liu€1,130
137Jonty Willis€1,130
138Tomasz Brzezinski€1,130
139Julija Drevina€1,130
140Matas Budingas€1,130
141Paul High€1,130
142Daniel Maunders€1,130
143Richard Kellett€1,130
144Johannes Grootelaar€1,060
145Julien Da Silva€1,060
146Kenneth Bailey€1,060
147Torsten Klingels€1,060
148Colin Paddington€1,060
149Fabian Maser€1,060
150Jan Scheldorf€1,060
151Sebastian Pheiffer€1,060
152Matthew Gray€1,060
153Liutauras Armanavicius€1,060
154Ondrej Drozd€1,060
155Benedetto Caruso€1,060
156Szymon Bujok€1,060
157Marko Majic€1,060
158Simon Lauchenauer€1,060
159Danish Gandhi€1,060
160Antoine Talvard€1,060
161Jasmin Scheiffe€1,060
162Domenico Gala€1,000
163Keith Smith€1,000
164Beverly Nicholson€1,000
165Leendert Nederlof€1,000
166Per Alstig€1,000
167Chuan Kim Ooi€1,000
168Tanguy Pellerin€1,000
169Claudio Barone€1,000
170Paul Carr€1,000
171Mark Cornwell€1,000
172Florin-Radu Postole€1,000
173Marco Herman€1,000
174Alessandro D’Amore€1,000
175Jack Triggs€1,000
176Gary Morgan€950
177Martin Kirchbaumer€950
178Igor Bukowski€950
179George Warnock€950
180Eddy Shaw€950
181Simon Dunevein€950
182Yves Thalmann€950
183Lars Wandmaker€950
184Thomas Hardt€950
185Timothy Jones€950
186Jan Stigter€950
187Ian Gascoigne€950
188Hendrik Remmerde€950
189James Paris€950
190Cory Desmond€950
191Daniele Degennaro€950
192Stephen Barnes€900
193Christian Ruopp€900
194Alexander Jank€900
195Steven Gvozdenovic€900
196Marco Siciliano€900
197Thore Boedefeld€900
198Pontus Magnusson€900
199Svajunas Seduikis€900
200Adam Milewski€900
201Paul Hopper€900
202Samuel Goodman€900
203Stephen Dishman€900
204Flaviano Cammisuli€900
205Amanda Smith€900
206Michael Davis€900
207Elia Toma€900
208Paul Coles€900
209Daragh Davey€900
210Sonia Padovani€900
211Frederik Mortensen€900
212Luigi Nucifora€900
213Matthew Micallef€900
214Andrius Tapinas€900
215Salvatore DiMartino€900
216Kevin Kond€900
217Sander Ostlyngen€900
218Christian Schneider€900

Sebastian Mortensen Eliminated in 2nd Place (€63,500)

Level 36: 400,000/800,000 (800,000)
Entries 1/1,460

Sebastian Mortensen was down to 6.9 million when he jammed the button. Jordan Dumas snap-called after looking down at his cards and the entire rail got close to the table.

Sebastian Mortensen: 109
Jordan Dumas: JJ

Dumas was far ahead on the K38 flop but Mortensen had some hope with an open-ended straight draw after the 7 landed on the turn.

“I have six outs!” said Mortensen.

None of those outs came and instead Mortensen had to settle one spot shy of the trophy with a runner-up prize of €63,500.

“Vamos!” Dumas shouted with his rail as he was crowned the latest champion along with his largest poker tournament haul of €100,900.

Stay tuned for the recap and full payouts from the 2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition €550 Grand Event.

Jordan Dumas – 73 million
Sebastian Mortensen – 0

Sebastian Mortensen

“Nice Start” for Dumas

Level 36: 400,000/800,000 (800,000)
Entries 2/1,460

Jordan Dumas min-raised the button and was called by Sebastian Mortensen from the big blind. Mortensen check-called bets of 800,000 on the 9AA flop before calling a bigger bet of 3,500,000 on the 6 turn.

The 9 river completed the board and Mortensen checked again. Dumas fired out for 6 million and Mortensen quickly called.

Dumas turned over the AJ and won the hand with trips to take an early lead after Mortensen mucked his cards.

“Nice start,” Mortensen said to Dumas.

Jordan Dumas – 61 million
Sebastian Mortensen – 12 million

Jordan Dumas

Roar Flotre Eliminated in 3rd Place (€42,300)

Level 36: 400,000/800,000 (800,000)
Entries 2/1,460

Roar Flotre min-raised from the small blind and was called by Jordan Dumas.

Both players checked the A94 flop before Flotre jammed for more than 8 million on the 5 turn. Dumas snap-called and the cards were tabled with Flotre drawing dead to Dumas’s wheel.

Roar Flotre: J10
Jordan Dumas: 32

Flotre was awarded a third place trophy along with a tasty €42,300 prize while the final two players have each locked up €63,300 with a top prize of €100,900 on the link.

Jordan Dumas – 49 million
Sebastian Mortensen – 24 million
Roar Flotre – 0