Kevin Rothlisberger Eliminated in 9th Place (€10,400)

Level 32: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)
Entries: 8/1,460

Kevin Rothlisberger min-raised from early position and was called by Krystian Nalepka from the button and Roar Flotre from the big blind.

Flotre checked the 748 flop. Rothlisberger bet 900,000 and Nalepka tanked for more than a minute before jamming his big stack. Flotre snap-folded and Rothlisberger called a minute later.

Kevin Rothlisberger: 99
Krystian Nalepka: 77

Nalepka’s set turned into a full house to eliminate Kevin Rothlisberger in ninth place for €10,400 after the K turn and K river completed the board.

The final eight players now locked up at least a €13,100 payout.

Krystian Nalepka – 18 million
Kevin Rothlisberger – 0

2024 MPF Autumn Edition Grand Event Final Table

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