“It’s a Really Weird Spot”

Level 23: 25,000/50,000
Entries: 61/1,444

Unibet Poker ambassador and The Chip Race podcast host David Lappin ended another deep run here at Portomaso Casino in 62nd place for €1,650.

“It was a really weird spot,” Lappin shared after he hit the cashier.

Lappin shared that a player opened from under the gun with a 15 big blind stack and he defended with fives from the big blind.

“I decided I would go with any non ace-king type of board,” said Lappin. “But then again, he has such a strong range with a min-open from under the gun.”

The jack-jack-four flop with two diamonds was as good as Lappin could hope for without hitting his five. Lappin shared that his opponent fired out a pot-sized bet of 250,000.

“I had so much already in the pot and decided to go for it,” Lappin shared about his jam to 370,000.

Unfortunately for Lappin his opponent had cowboys. But with a ten on the turn and another ten on the river it wouldn’t have mattered what his opponent had as long as he could be a five kicker.

“I might enter the High Roller tomorrow,” Lappin shared. “It won’t be too bad to get in for 17.5 big blinds.”

We wish Lappin the best of luck if he decides to hop into the High Roller.

David Lappin, Jonathan Briscoe White, & Ann-Roos Callens

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