“I Always Get it in Behind”

Level 13: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 29/177

Henriques Pereira min-raised from the hijack before Danas Dambrauskas three-bet shoved for less than 20 big blinds. Pereira went into the tank for about a minute before he opted to call.

Danas Dambrauskas: A6
Henriques Pereira: 99

Dambrauskas was out of his seat and ready to leave after the 710J flop and was still behind needing a three-outer after the 3 followed on the turn.

However, Dambrauskas fist-bumped the air after he survived and doubled up after the miracle A spiked the river to give him a better pair.

“I’m running good today,” Dambrauskas said.

“No shit,” said someone else at the table.

“I am always getting it in behind,” Dambrauskas said near the end of Day 1a.

Meanwhile, Janet Kosloff hit the rail in 30th place leaving just 29 players remaining on Day 1a.

Henriques Pereira – 370,000
Danas Dambrauskas – 300,000
Janet Kosloff – 0

Danas Dambrauskas

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