Harnes Doubles With Ladies

Thomas Harnes doubles with ladies

Level 24: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 38/1,444

William Kassouf chipped up during the opening blind level. Near the end of the blind level, he opened for 130,000 from middle position. Damien Labaune called from the cutoff before Thomas Harnes jacked it up for half his stack for a three-bet to 300,000.

Kassouf asked to see Harnes’s stack and tanked for a couple of minutes before he raised to 600,000. Labaune tanked for a couple of minutes before he folded while Harnes snap-called the rest of his stack.

Thomas Harnes: QQ
William Kassouf: K10

“I was hoping for some heads-up action for a side pot,” Kassouf said before the 46A came on the flop.

Kassouf might be many things, but apparently Nostradamus isn’t one of them at least in this hand.

“Jack of spades,” Kassouf asked for. Instead, the 2 came on the turn.

“King of hearts?” Kassouf pleaded. That didn’t come either. Instead the blank 6 river completed the board to earn Harnes a double.

Meanwhile, Soren Dalgaard hit the rail just before the blinds increase leaving just 38 players remaining for the title.

William Kassouf – 3.2 million
Damien Labaune – 1.8 million
Thomas Harnes – 1.5 million
Soren Dalgaard – 0

William Kassouf in deep thought

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