Hanstvedt Takes Lead After Rivering Full House

Level 26: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 26/1,444

Andreas Liperis min-raised from the cutoff before Kjetil Hanstvedt checked back his option from the big blind.

Hanstvedt took action from the start with a bet of 250,000 on the 1045 flop. Liperis called and Hanstvedt fired out a bigger bet of 750,000 on the J turn.

The 5 paired the board on the river and Hanstvedt jammed for more than the 1.3 million Liperis had in his stack. Liperis called it off and couldn’t believe what he saw to hit the rail in 27th place.

Hanstvedt, who took fifth place during the last MPF Grand Event in the spring, turned over the 54 for the full house. Liperis couldn’t believe his luck as he was ahead until the river with A9 for a flopped flush.

Meanwhile, Hanstvedt appeared to be with the overall chip lead with just 25 players remaining. Marko Cosic and Clausin Sanz also lost their stacks around the same time as Hanstvedt won this monster pot.

Kjetil Hansvedt – 8.8 million
Andreas Liperis – 0
Clausin Sanz – 0
Mark Cosic – 0

Kjetil Hanstvedt rivers a full house to snag the chip lead

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