Gialanze Turns a Straight

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 281/284

Karl Gialanze checked the A867 board after the turn. Stig Horup fired out for around 2,000 into a pot of more than double that. Gialanze jacked it up to 6,500 and Horup called.

Gialanze quickly bet 11,000 after the Q river completed the board. Horup paused for less than 10 seconds before he called. Gialanze turned over the 95 for the straight. Despite losing the hand, Horup opted to table his cards as well and turned over the A7 for a turned two-pair.

Karl Gialanze – 90,000
Stig Horup – 30,000

Karl Gialanze & Stig Horup tangle up in a hand

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