Georgios Zachminidis Eliminated in 4th Place (€40,300)

Level 36: 500,000/1,000,000 (1,000,000)
Entries: 3/1,444

Leif Hetland jammed for 13.4 million from the button. Georgios Zachmanidis went into the tank for about a minute before he called off for less than 10 million from the small blind.

Georgios Zachmanidis: AJ
Leif Hetland: A3

The Norwegian rail cheered as Hetland connected with his trey on the 235 flop. Players gave Zachmanidis a round of applause for a great fourth-place performance after not getting back into the hand on the Q turn or the 10 river.

The final three players each locked up €54,400 with still a €140,000 top prize on the line.

Arthur Navellou – 30 million
Leif Hetland – 25 million
Kjetil Hanstvedt – 17 million
Georgios Zachmanidis – 0

Georgios Zachmanidis eliminated in fourth place

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