Full House for Aebi

Level 2: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 94/94

Michal Kulesza checked before Paolo Rando bet 3,400 into a pot of near 10,000 on the turn with the 4J810 on the board. Dieter Aebi jacked it up to 11,000.

Kulesza quickly folded before Rando called after tanking for a minute. Rando checked after the 4 river completed the board. Aebi fired out for 20,000. Rando tanked for a short time before he called.

Aebi turned over the 1010 for the full house to win a big early pot.

Dieter Aebi – 90,000
Michal Kulesza – 50,000
Paolo Rando – 30,000

Dieter Aebi

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