Full House for Ablott

Level 4: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 116/128

There was a bit of betting on the 210Q flop before Bartilomiej Grabowski jammed his sub-starting stack. James Ablott came in over the top for a six-figure jam before David Lappin got out of the way.

Bartilomiej Grabowski: KK
James Ablott: Q2

It was a bit of a cooler for Grabowski but he still had some hope with two cards to come. However, things appeared grim for Grabowski after the Q landed on the turn with Ablott improving to a full house. Grabowski was unable to improve to a better full house on the 8 river and hit the rail while Ablott added chips to his already impressive stack.

James Ablott – 150,000
David Lappin – 57,000
Bartilomiej Grabowski – 0

Dara O’Kearny & James Ablott

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