Frey Retakes His Seat

Level 6: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 105/148

Klaus Bauer opened for 2,500 from early position. Matthew Micallef called from middle position before Martyn Frey jammed for about 30,000. Frey came over the top with a four-bet shove for much more and Micallef got out of the way.

Martyn Frey: 77
Klaus Bauer: AQ

Bauer took a huge lead in the flop after his queen connected on the Q510 flop. Frey was out of his seat and another player at the table pointed out the needling by the board when another queen in the Q followed on the turn.

Christmas came early for Frey as he nailed his two outer for a full house after the 7 river completed the board to double his stack instead of hitting the rail.

Martyn Frey – 70,000
Matthew Micallef – 55,000
Klaus Bauer – 25,000

Martyn Frey

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