Flotre Sends Two Players Out With Cowboys

Level 23: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 58/1,460

A massive hand broke out on Table 5 with both local hero Mark Vella and Kelly Kellner hearing the roar from Roar Flotre.

Vella jammed from under the gun for 470,000. Flotre three-bet shoved from one seat over for 1.3 million and Kellner called off from a couple of seats over with a bit less.

Mark Vella: A2
Kelly Kellner: 99
Roar Flotre: KK

Flotre’s cowboys were good with all the board cards coming out with a number on them to win a huge pot just before the break.

Mark Attard is now the last Maltese player remaining in the Grand Event after all-around nice guy Vella, who plays most major events on the island, hit the rail.

Roar Flotre – 2.75 million
Kelly Kellner – 0
Mark Vella – 0

Roar Flotre

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