Final Day 1g Chip Counts

A total of 26 players survived from the 112-entry Day 1g field to bring the total to 361 players to start Day 2 of the Grand Event. Check out the Day 1g chip counts below:

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Karl-Heinz Metz556,000111
Paiman Sakhi501,000100
Dario Sorrenti453,00091
Junyu Liu416,00083
Dimitrios Panagopoulos340,00068
Fabian Bartuschk317,00063
Massimo Scaletta251,00050
Per Helge Gaassand245,00049
Jeppe Bisgaard240,00048
Gianpiero Barrile207,00041
Vincent Keen192,00038
Kaspar Schmid190,00038
Marko Majic182,00036
Bengt Hallner173,00035
Raijmond Slabbekoorn173,00035
Babak Movazzafi156,00031
Fotios Ntamaris149,00030
Ann-Roos Callens139,00028
Calogero Rubino118,00024
Romain Nardin114,00023
Domenic Gilbert106,00021
Frank Robotka95,00019
Agostino Catanese74,00015
Arthur Navellou74,00015
Francesco Gisolfi61,00012
Alfio Previti50,10010

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