Eggenberger Rivers Flush Against Roberts

Level 5: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 109/142

Scott Roberts gave it a try but wound up with “egg” on his face in a hand against Stefan Eggenberger.

There was nearly 15,000 in the pot when Eggenberger check-called a bet of 5,000 on the K49 flop. Eggenberger checked the 7 turn. Roberts fired out for 15,000. Eggenberger tanked for about 40 seconds before he called.

The 8 river put four spade on the board. Eggenberger checked again before Roberts jammed for more than the 7,800 his opponent had remaining. Eggenberger snap-called.

Roberts turned over the 1010 but this wasn’t good enough to win the hand as Eggenberger rivered the queen-high flush and doubled his stack after he turned over the QJ for the winning hand.

Stefan Eggenberger – 90,000
Scott Roberts – 16,000

Stefan Eggenberger

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