Dragos Runs Ladies Into Gruicic’s Rockets

Level 1: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 215/216

The Day 1e field has already soared past 200 entries. Romania’s Iacob Dragos was one of the entries but was the first player on the rail.

It was a five-bet pot preflop when Dragos check-called a small bet by Stribor Gruicic on the J44 flop. Both players checked after the [invalid notations] river. Gruicic snapped it off and snagged the early chip lead after his AA proved to be more than enough to beat Dragos’ QQ.

Stribor Gruicic – 100,000
Iacob Dragos – 0

Stribob Cruicic and his neatly piled double-stack

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