Desmond Doubles Through Cutajar

Level 13: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 53/291

Andrew Cutajar opened for 20,000 from the button before Cory Desmond three-bet jammed for 128,000.

“I call, I can’t fold,” Cutajar said after pausing for close to a minute.

Cory Desmond: J8
Andrew Cutajar: A10

Desmond needed some help but had two live cards to do so. It was the jack that got the job done after it found a friend on the 553J7 runout for Desmond to double through Cutajar near the end of Day 1b.

Andrew Cutajar – 410,000
Cory Desmond – 270,000

Cory Desmond

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