Delfino Runs Rockets Into Quad Kings

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 135/260

A raising war took place once again between Eros Nastasi and Luca Delfino where both players had their stacks in the middle for a pot near 200,000 with Delfino at risk.

Luca Delfino: AA
Eros Nastasi: KK

It was looking like ‘cooler city’ for Nastasi as he it appeared likely that he would be on just a few big blinds after his second-best hand ran into the best hand.

The table, especially Nastasi, erupted after the K6K spiked the flop to immediately improve Nastasi to four cowboys.

Delfino was drawing dead on the Q turn with the Q river making the hand official.

After wishing Deflino a good game, Nastasi was busy discussing the epic hand with friends from surrounding tables.

Eros Nastasi celebrating his quad kings.

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