Day 2 – MPF Spring 2024

Day 1A

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Vilde Ekren Wins Epic Ladies First!

Vilde Ekren

The €200 Ladies First! hosted by Kerryjane Craigie was a huge success with 84 runners creating a €14,515 prize pool. The top five players made a deal including Vanessa Webley, who had back-to-back fifth places finishes in the Ladies First!

Vilde Ekren won the title and the largest prize of €2,866 after defeating Irina Barauske heads-up. Meanwhile, Teresa Newton and Chiara Knowle also made out well thanks to the deal with Anne Bezdek, Anca Eggenberger, Kelly Saxby, and Tanya Masters all advancing to the final table and Lydia Cugudda and Julija Drevina both min-cashing.

1Vilde Ekren€2,866
2Irina Barauske€2,415
3Teresa Newton€2,099
4Chiara Knowle€2,074
5Vanessa Webley€1,966
6Anne Bezdek€740
7Anca Eggenberger€620
8Kelly Saxby€510
9Tanya Masters€424
10Lydia Cugudda€400
11Julija Drevina€400

Players Cashing for €1,000

The following players cashed for €1,000 in the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event. The remaining field now locked in at least a €1,060 payout.

162Domenico Gala€1,000
163Keith Smith€1,000
164Beverly Nicholson€1,000
165Leendert Nederlof€1,000
166Per Alstig€1,000
167Chuan Kim Ooi€1,000
168Tanguy Pellerin€1,000
169Claudio Barone€1,000
170Paul Carr€1,000
171Mark Cornwell€1,000
172Florin-Radu Postole€1,000
173Marco Herman€1,000
174Alessandro D’Amore€1,000
175Jack Triggs€1,000

Players Cashing for €950

Cory Desmond

The following players including Cory Desmond, Ian Gascoigne, and James Paris hit the rail for a small pay jump to €950. The remaining 175 players locked up €50 more and are guaranteed at least a four-figure prize of €1,000.

176Gary Morgan€950
177Martin Kirchbaumer€950
178Igor Bukowski€950
179George Warnock€950
180Eddy Shaw€950
181Simon Dunevein€950
182Yves Thalmann€950
183Lars Wandmaker€950
184Thomas Hardt€950
185Timothy Jones€950
186Jan Stigter€950
187Ian Gascoigne€950
188Hendrik Remmerde€950
189James Paris€950
190Cory Desmond€950
191Daniele Degennaro€950

The Min-Cash Club

Matthew Micallef
Matthew Micallef

The following players including local hero Matthew Micallef, who found a bag in Day 1f, and Daragh Davey, who shared he lost a flip with his sub-five big blind stack when his king-ten didn’t improve to get ahead of pocket eights, hit the rail for a min-cash in the Grand Event. The rest of the field earned a €50 pay jump to at least a €950 payday.

192Stephen Barnes€900
193Christian Ruopp€900
194Alexander Jank€900
195Steven Gvozdenovic€900
196Marco Siciliano€900
197Thore Boedefeld€900
198Pontus Magnusson€900
199Svajunas Seduikis€900
200Adam Milewski€900
201Paul Hopper€900
202Samuel Goodman€900
203Stephen Dishman€900
204Flaviano Cammisuli€900
205Amanda Smith€900
206Michael Davis€900
207Elia Toma€900
208Paul Coles€900
209Daragh Davey€900
210Sonia Padovani€900
211Frederik Mortensen€900
212Luigi Nucifora€900
213Matthew Micallef€900
214Andrius Tapinas€900
215Salvatore DiMartino€900
216Kevin Kond€900
217Sander Ostlyngen€900
218Christian Schneider€900

Good Game for Goodman

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)
Entries: 201/1,460

Tomasz Brzezinski opened for a min-raise from the cutoff. Samuel Goodman three-bet jammed for close to 200,000 and Brzezinski snap-called.

Samuel Goodman: KQ
Tomasz Brzezinski: AQ

Goodman was unable to get there on the 6J837 board and was out of the Grand Event with a min-cash.

“Good game,” Goodman said to the table.

Tomasz Brzezinski – 550,000
Samuel Goodman – 0