Day 2 – MPF Spring 2024

Day 1A

Live Blog

Players Cashing for €2,680

40Eros Nastasi€2,680
41Mateusz Piwowarczyk€2,680
42Ronny Albrigtsen€2,680
43Martin Ehrler€2,680
44Bernardo Boria€2,680
45Boro Skalonja€2,680
46Longmao Fan€2,680
47Thomas Ebrecht€2,680
Eros Nastasi

Wheel for Flotre

Level 24: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 39/1,460

Richard Koppel checked from the small blind with the [invalid notations] for a wheel to win a big pot that didn’t develop until the river with a wheel.

Roar Flotre – 3.1 million
Richard Koppel – 2.8 million

Roar Flotre

Players Cashing for €2,280

48Emanuele Napolitano€2,280
49Thomas Jakobsen€2,280
50Vikram Digpal€2,280
51Jari Hurri€2,280
52Jamie Scannell€2,280
53Alex Montgomery€2,280
54Thomas Hofmann€2,280
55Philip Hoerwarter€2,280

Players Cashing for €1,980

56Lennart Bernett€1,980
57Mark Attard€1,980
58Ashley Scott€1,980
59Kelly Kellner€1,980
60Mark Vella€1,980
61Patrick Von Rohr€1,980
62Thomas Lange€1,980
63Nidal Dawoud€1,980
Mark Attard

Montgomery Runs Into Dumas’s Rockets

Level 24: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 53/1,460

Jordan Dumas opened for 125,000 from middle position. Alex Montgomery three-bet jammed for about 480,000 from late position and was snap-called by Dumas after the action folded back around to him.

Alex Montgomery: 44
Jordan Dumas: AA

Dumas was miles ahead and Montgomery eventually lost his stack to his opponent’s full house after the 358A8 ran out on the board.

Jordan Dumas – 1.8 million
Alex Montgomery – 0

Jordan Dumas