Day 2 – MPF Spring 2024

Day 1A

Live Blog

Big Double for Ablott Through Harrison

Level 26: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 33/1,460

Matthew Vicarage min-raised from early position before James Ablott jammed for more than 2 million from the small blind. Ashley Harrison got in the mix with his big stack from the big blind and Vicarage folded.

James Ablott: A10
Ashley Harrison: JJ

It could have easily been showers for Ablott but instead he doubled his stack with a better two pair than Harrison to double his stack on the 8627A runout.

Ashley Harrison – 6 million
James Ablott – 4.5 million

James Ablott

Stanaityte Doubles Short Stack Through Mortensen

Level 26: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 34/1,460

Shortly after Jonathan Schuman lost his short stack to bring the field down to 34 players, Indre Stanaityte risked her short stack.

Sebastian Mortensen opened for a min-raised from the button. Stanaityte three-bet shoved for 575,000. Mortensen asked for a count before finding a call.

Indre Stanaityte: K10
Sebastian Mortensen: J8

Stanaityte doubled her stack with king-high after Mortensen bricked the A4345 runout.

Sebastian Mortensen – 3.3 million
Indre Stanaityte – 1.3 million

Sebastian Mortensen, Indre Stanaityte, and Petteri Miettinen

Full Chip Counts at Break

PlacePlayerChipsBig Blinds
1Ashley Harrison8,040,000101
2Petteri Miettinen5,605,00070
3Richard Koppel4,230,00053
4John Forsman3,980,00050
5Sebastian Mortensen3,700,00046
6Ludovic Uzan3,175,00040
7Matthew Vicarage3,125,00039
8Philipp Drayer2,500,00031
9Elvijs Kuceruks2,500,00031
10Kevin Rothlisberger2,300,00029
11Jake Allen2,275,00028
12James Ablott2,265,00028
13Roar Flotre2,260,00028
14Jordan Dumas2,240,00028
15Sven Meschede2,225,00028
16Rosario Saddemi2,140,00027
17Maxime Delhommeau2,000,00025
18Marcos Padron1,625,00020
19Jorgen Jessen1,490,00019
20Francesco Canzonieri1,430,00018
21Terence Newton1,400,00018
22Stefan Trevelyan1,255,00016
23Matte Karjalainen1,170,00015
24Gianpiero Barrile1,165,00015
25Antonio Merone1,100,00014
26Colin Bidwell1,050,00013
27Vilde Ekren1,030,00013
28Thomas Cazaletz975,00012
29Andrea Kapp970,00012
30Krystian Nalepka865,00011
31Damjan Pulejkov820,00010
32Grant Campbell790,00010
33Indre Stanaityte545,0007
34Dario Filippelli345,0004
35Jonathan Schuman300,0004

Final Day 2 Break

Players are on their final short break of Day 2. Blinds will increase to 40,000/80,000 with an 80,000 big blind ante before moving onto the final blind level of the day with blinds at 50,000/100,000 with a 100,000 big blind ante.

Best of luck to the remaining field during the final stretch. We will post a full chip count update during the break.

Filippelli Celebrates a Triple

Level 25: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 35/1,460

Rosario Saddemi min-raised from the cutoff before Dario Filippelli called off his stack of 95,000 from the small blind after tanking for a minute. Terence Newton defended his big blind and both Newton and Saddemi checked the entire Q43108 board.

“Yes!” screamed Filippelli before slamming on the table the Q8 for what he perceived to be the winning hand with two pair.

Filippelli was correct with Newton tabling the 109 and Saddemi tabling the K9 to triple his stack just before the final break of Day 2.

Rosario Saddemi – 2,200,000
Terence Newton – 1,600,000
Dario Filippelli – 405,000

Schuman Saved on the Turn

Level 25: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 38/1,460

Jonathan Schuman jammed his short stack from early position and was called by Terence Newton in the big blind.

Jonathan Schuman: K7
Terence Newton: A6

Newton was ahead on the 1065 flop but Schuman pushed out in front after connecting with his seven on the 7 turn.

Schuman was rewarded a double-up after the 8 river completed the board with a better pair than Newton.

Terence Newton – 1,700,000
Jonathan Schuman – 600,000

Jonathan Schuman