Chung Wong Led British Invasion in PLO Knight Crusaders

Last night’s €300 PLO Crusaders attracted 107 entries to create a €27,734 prize pool. The title was guaranteed to go to the United Kingdom after Poland’s Szymon Bujok hit the rail in seventh place.

Julian Gardner, Stefan Trevelyan, and Andrew Murphy then all hit the rail leading the final three to agree to a deal with each player locking up at least €5,300. Chung Wong defeated them all to go home with the trophy and the €6,474 top prize.

Congrats to all the players that cashed in the PLO Knight Crusaders.

1Chung Wong€6,474
2Osman Mustanoglu€5,300
3Anwar Kanj€5,300
4Julian Gardner€2,350
5Stefan Trevelyan€1,830
6Andrew Murphy€1,340
7Szymon Bujok€1,130
8Maximilian Damm€935
9Eamonn Connolly€755
10Anne-Marie Yuen€620
11Antonino Karman€620
12Andrew Studley€540
13Matthew Jenkinson€540

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