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Longmao Fan Becomes Chip Millionaire on Day 1e

Day 1e concluded in the early hours of Sunday morning. The penultimate turbo flight pushed the prize pool past €600,000 with 130 runners battling it out including several players that were in the €2,500 Super High Roller in Hi-Bet’s Eros Nastasi, Paul Carr, and Aidan Quinlan finding a bag among the 19 players to advance to Day 2 with at least a min-cash of €900.

China’s Longmao Fan became the latest chip millionaire with Gianpiero Barrile, Patrick Kochanski, the aforementioned Paul Carr, and Jake Allen all bagging up more than 500,000.

The last chance saloon in Day 1f kicked off at 10 a.m. with late registration closing minutes away. Stay tuned for the update on the final prize pool of the Grand Event with the payouts likely not to be announced until the start of Day 2. Of course, before then we will share the seat draw to Day 2 when its finalized and more. In the meantime check out the chip counts from Day 1e below:

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Longmao Fan1,109,000111
Gianpiero Barrile677,00068
Patrick Kochanski635,00064
Paul Carr585,00059
Jake Allen501,00050
Jiany Lu415,00042
Carmelo Polimeni369,00037
Daniele Degennaro280,00028
Matthew Cartwright277,00028
Guy Cox254,00025
Marko Majic219,00022
Ondrej Drozd204,00020
Christian Schneider192,00019
Simon Dunevein180,00018
Eros Nastasi170,00017
Andrius Tapinas169,00017
Andrea Dominici162,00016
Aidan Quinlan108,00011
Michael Davis85,0009

Day 1e Begins

Cards are in the air to start Day 1e with 40 players. This and the final morning flight tomorrow at 10 a.m. will feature 20-minute blind levels. Otherwise, it plays out the same with 15 percent of the field advancing to Day 2 already in the money with at least a €900 min-cash.

While we won’t be providing coverage for either of the turbo flights, we will update the final statistics and chip counts.

Best of luck to all of the players.

Final Day 1e Chip Counts

Day 1e attracted the biggest opening field of the Grand Event with 434 entries to bring the total up to 1,234. A total of 121 players surviving to grow the players advancing to the Day 2 field to 312 players and counting with still Day 1f completing later this evening and Day 1g taking place tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

Richard Brichall bagged the Day 1f chip lead with 542,000 in chips followed by Domenico Gala with 530,000. A trio of Italians including Salvatore Incardona (460,000), Domenico Lando (451,000), and Vincent Calenti (430,000) all bagged over 400,000. Check out all of the final Day 1e chip counts below:

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Richard Brichall542,000108
Domenico Gala530,000106
Salvatore Incardona460,00092
Domenico Lando451,00090
Vincent Calenti430,00086
Anthony Swain390,00078
Carmelo Polimeni384,00077
Paul-Vlad Craciunas370,00074
Antonio Scala360,00072
Gianluca Pagliaro354,00071
Ronald Zapantis342,00068
Marnin Santandrea340,00068
Giorgio Bellanca337,00067
Frederic Soete332,00066
Gioacchino Lionte305,00061
Cristiano Blanco292,00058
Patrick Schindler290,00058
Clint Jeffery280,00056
Steven Sieling275,00055
Alex Gkampranis273,00055
Magnus Pukk268,00054
Krasen Pendov265,00053
Andrew Cutajar264,00053
Angelo Mirabella264,00053
Nidal Dawoud262,00052
Vojin Ognjanovic257,00051
Lege Sayed257,00051
Jake Allen252,00050
Bartolo Truglio251,00050
Vallone Aurelio245,00049
Vito Romei241,00048
Cedric Chevalme240,00048
Mark Attard239,00048
Gianmarco Scannapiego236,00047
Giovannidario Bocchicchio234,00047
Arthur Israel230,00046
Mike Lange230,00046
Filippos Avramidis214,00043
Thomas Lange210,00042
Stig Horup205,00041
Angelo Patane204,00041
Griegio Geerman202,00040
Andre Grohnert202,00040
Leonardo Romeo200,00040
Pavle Pecelj197,00039
Brieuc Broudic196,00039
Mirko Schiano Di Tunnarello194,00039
Andro Scarpa188,00038
Elton Malaj184,00037
Nicusur Matei178,00036
Lorenzo Pannunzi176,00035
Jesper Njie173,00035
Riccardo Corleone170,00034
Georgios Liperis169,00034
Ionut Dinu168,00034
Nicolas Pacifico166,00033
Marc Schembri165,00033
Anotny Wastaff165,00033
Alan Vinnicombe159,00032
Geir Sondeland156,00031
Nicos Sotiriou156,00031
Cho Min Ho153,00031
Antonin Hays153,00031
Kikumba Kitete-153,00031
Steven Tool153,00031
Ocana Casas150,00030
Hacine Chatteur150,00030
Robert Pekel149,00030
Lois Dufouleur146,00029
Matteo Colantoni144,00029
Paul Fisher142,00028
Yan Pelletier141,00028
Herbert Seitz140,00028
Darren Wingrove126,00025
Paul Tirnovean124,00025
Scott Wills123,00025
Gustav Andersson122,00024
Rolando Lombardi120,00024
Mehdi Rebai120,00024
Julius Seskevicius118,00024
Antoine Talvard115,00023
John Madden112,00022
Danilo Scevola111,00022
Adam Petrovic110,00022
Calogero Drago109,00022
Henry Broens105,00021
Gianmarco Di Tota100,00020
Gergi Kass100,00020
Stefan Fernandez Wiesebrock97,00019
Bogdan Vlasenko96,00019
Giordano Contu94,00019
Alexander Burton91,00018
Giuseppe Tredici89,00018
Robert Admas88,00018
Riccardo Sammut88,00018
Giovanni Russo86,00017
Fredrik Andersson85,00017
Emanuele Napolitano85,00017
Kerrien Clement84,00017
Vincent Schuler79,00016
Jan Nagler77,00015
Sabatino Pascarella76,00015
Jordy van der Wielen76,00015
Morten Bremseth75,00015
Daniel Hopkins75,00015
Leif Hetland73,00015
Joost Idema71,00014
Kristian Dahl70,00014
Dean Robb70,00014
Salvatore D’Alessandro69,00014
Giovanna Dimartino68,00014
Ciro Perna68,00014
Raimund Geier60,00012
Dan Sfarlea60,00012
Matthew Gray56,00011
Dorde Curcic53,00011
Yves Farges49,00010
Iraklis Manikaros44,0009
Jonas Hafa36,0007
Eric Gorree30,0006
Steven Smith29,0006

Final Three Hands of Day 1e

The floor announced the final three hands for Day 1e. Players will bag and tag chips after three hands are dealt on each table.

We will update you with the final chip counts of Day 1e within the hour and the final counts for Day 1f shortly after the action completes there later in the evening.

Bird’s eye view of the Grand Event, Ladies First!, and the BHD Mystery Bounty

Truglio Flushes Hebidi to the Rail

Level 12: 2,000/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 150/434

Malik Hebidi open-jammed 27,000 from under the gun and was called by Bartolo Truglio from the button.

Malik Hebidi: K7
Bartolo Truglio: AJ

It was a great start for Hebidi to double his stack after his seven connected with the 755 flop. However, the 9 turn and 6 river improved Truglio to a flush to eliminate Hebidi from the Day 1e field.

Bartolo Truglio – 275,000
Malik Hebidi – 0

Mike Lange & Bartolo Truglio pose for the MPF paparazzi

Brutal bubble for Madalosso in the Ladies First!

We weren’t planning to report any hands from the Ladies First! but there was an emotional ending to the bubble play that neither player should feel guilty about.

Laurine Madalosso three-bet jammed with aces and was called by Vanessa Webley with kings. Two kings came on the board to improve Webley to quads and Madalosso hit the rail on the bubble.

We learned about the hand from sideline correspondent Maureen Bloechlinger but then moments later saw Webley, who we consider a friend, on the break.

Webley was very emotional and is the salt of the earth. She felt horrible about what happened as she is one of the most empathetic poker players we know but how can either player fold in that spot? She will regain her composure during the break and will do her best to win not just for herself but for a chilrdren’s charity.

The final eight players now locked up at least a €250 min-cash with payouts jumping up from there. Assuming no deals, the winner will take home €2,080 and the trophy.

Laurine Madalosso bubble with aces after Vanessa Webley nails quad kings.

Final Day 1e Break

Players are on their final break of Day 1e. Blinds will increase to 2,000/3,000 with a 3,000 big blind ante before moving onto 2,000/4,000 with a 4,000 big blind ante. Players that survive these two blind levels will advance into tomorrow’s Day 2 with cards in the air at 4 p.m.

Ladies First! Final Table (and Bubble)

The €150 Ladies First! hosted by Ylva Thorsrud was a resounding success story for the Malta Poker Festival with 51 entries creating a €6,364 prize pool.

The action has reached a final table of nine hopefuls. However, one of the final tablists will walk away empty-handed while the other eight locked up at least a €250 payout. Of course, all eyes are on the €2,080 top prize and the coveted trophy.

Americans Naomi Pazol, Chris Read, and Sharon Liss are in action as are four British players in Natalie Bromley, Avril Preston, Jennifer Stodart, and Vanessa Webley. Brazil’s Laurine Guerra and Lithuania’s Monika Katasonovaite round out the final table.

Best of luck to all of the ladies!

Ladies First! Final Table

Talvard Delivers Bad Beat to Bauer

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 191/434

Antoine Talvard four-bet jammed a bit more than a starting stack and was looked up by Volker Bauer. Talvard had just a few more chips than his opponent, so it was going to be likely to the showers for the player on the losing end of the hand.

Volker Bauer: AJ
Antoine Talvard: A9

Talvard stood up when he saw he was behind but sat down again once he pulled out ahead on the 895 flop. Neither the 7 turn nor the 3 river saved the day and Bauer was out of the Day 1e field on a bad beat.

Antoine Talvard – 135,000
Volker Bauer – 0

Antoine Talvard sits back down and collects his chips