Butters Eventually Folds to Iversen

Level 4: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 187/211

Jan Erick Iversen jammed for 25,500 into a pot of around the same with the 5593 on the board after the turn.

Jonathan Butters put his hands on his head before counting his chips. A few times it appeared he could be ready for a call. A couple of minutes later, he folded his hand to award Iversen the pot to get back to starting stack.

Meanwhile, Tibor Hegedus, Kamil Skawinski, Daniel Hopkins, Mattia Baccassino, Tony Vandenbulcke, Andrea Giovanneti, Jan Jensen, Rune Epsedal, Melke Ilgun, Koen Mulewijk, Tomas Luthi, Markus Kenzler, and Darren Nolan all hit the rail for the first time, while Maciej Toma busted for a second time.

Toma was among the players to re-enter, but for him, it was his third and final bullet. If this one goes as the others have, he will need to wait until Day 1d or later to re-enter the Grand Event.

Jan Erick Iversen – 50,000
Jonathan Butters – 35,000

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