Broadway for Nordquist

Level 6: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 189/234

Iceland is in the house with Jonas Nordquist battling it out on Table 10 against the likes of Marc Sanz Clausing, Antonios Onoufriou, Bjarke Matthiesen, Samuel Burton, Giuseppe Partinico, Karl Gialanze, and Lawerence Bonnici.

Nordquist recently bet 7,200 into a pot of approximately 15,000 on the K5J flop. Onoufriou called before both players checked down the 10 turn and the K river.

“Straight,” said Nordquist before he turned over the AQ.

Onoufriou quickly mucked his hand and the dealer awarded Nordquist the pot.

Jonas Nordquist collecting the pot

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